Live Your Fulfilled & Joyful Life

What if your Life will be free of Doubts and limiting Beliefs?

How to start easily

If you want to see a change in your life and to live a life in balance and joy, you need to make the first step. But how?

Mindful Life-Coaching is based on a deep professional relationship between client and coach.

To be sure that you feel heard and seen by your coach, it is important to get to know first. This is free and completely non-binding.

Find your Path of Fulfillment

If you feel safe and secure with me as your coach, you will be guided through your very own journey to a joyful and fulfilled life.

Exploring your Values, Identity, and Purpose, will lead you to find your Vision and Mission in life.

Re-calibrate your compass and set the sails to dive straight into your journey of fulfillment.

Why Mindful



Take Time for Yourself

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How often do you actively take time for yourself during the week? Modern life can be challenging – being always available for others has pros and cons as well.

Mindful Life-Coaching will help you to consciously take time for yourself. At least one hour per week will be dedicated just for you as well as your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.


Explore your Dreams

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Do you allow yourself to dream big? Do you know your dreams, but do not dare to talk about them due to limiting beliefs?

Mindful Life-Coaching helps you to visualize your dreams, based on what really matters to you. Allow yourself to let go of society’s standards and dream big.


Practice Self-Love

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Take a look back, see what you’ve already achieved, and then celebrate yourself! Look also at your vulnerable spots – your scars and reflect on what you’ve learned from them.

Honor yourself for the wonderful person you are and allow yourself to blossom into a joyful and fulfilled life.


Set Powerful Goals

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Mindful Life-Coaching helps you to set effective goals, based on what is really important for you in life. Knowing the next steps, helps you to stay on track and motivated.

As your Mindful Life-Coach, I will support you with every step needed.


Allow to Express Feelings

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Every Mindful Life-Coaching session is your safe space – free from judgments, prejudices, or blaming.

Every feeling is welcome, anger and pain as well as joy and love. Feelings are necessary to release the energy out of your body and to be in the flow of life.

To allow your feelings to express is important to understand what really matters to you.


Discover your Tools

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The most powerful tools are already there – within yourself. You just need to discover them and use them. Mindful Life-Coaching will help you to discover your resources and tools which you need to walk your path of fulfillment. This will be a lot of fun for sure – I promise!

About Mindful Life-Coaching

Mindful Life-Coaching is an 8-weeks coaching program that guides you along your path of fulfillment to a joyful and fulfilled life. I’ve created this program especially for people who feel stuck in life. Whether it is with your job situation, your relationship, or your general life situation – Mindful Life-Coaching helps you to re-organize and to restructure your thoughts and feelings to become more clear again. Remove the fog and recalibrate your compass to find your direction in life again.

After the free Get-to-Know-Session, our first session is for you to share your current situation, your struggles, your thoughts as well as your feelings and doubts. Based on your needs, I’ll guide you to set an intention for the upcoming weeks with a clear commitment to yourself.

The following 6 sessions are dedicated to exploring your values, identity, purpose as well as finding your vision and setting your mission. With these powerful tools and insights, you will be ready for your new path. In our last session, you will have time to reflect back on the whole journey and to discover what kind of support you need to fulfill your mission.

These will be intensively and transformational two months in your life you will never forget.

Getting Started is Easy

Free 30 Min Call

First call via Zoom, to check if working together will feel good for both of us and get to know each other.

Book the Package

You book your 8-weeks Coaching-Package and set the appointment for your first session.

1st Session!

Your transformational journey into a fulfilled and joyful life is ready to begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Coaching-Package?

The Coaching-Package includes eight 60-minutes coaching sessions via Zoom in English or German. You will also have free access to all online yoga classes during these eight weeks. Additionally, you will receive a digital workbook to track your own process and the possibility to contact me short track if questions or thoughts come up between our sessions.

Does Coaching replace Therapy?

No. Coaching is oriented to evaluate the current situation of the client and to provide guidance for future steps. While therapy is to look back in the client’s life and to heal scars, coaching is meant to be a supportive and motivating tool for changing things in life.

Coaching can be a very helpful tool to support your therapy. Therefore, it is important to consult your current therapist and ask them if this is recommended for your situation.

What if I feel overwhelmed or unhappy with the process of Coaching?

Transparent communication is the basis of our client-coach relationship. If you feel overwhelmed or unhappy with the process there is always the possibility to slow down and reflect on what’s going on right now. Maybe you need more time to integrate things into your mind and life – fair enough. You have always the chance to ask for a reflection, calming yoga, or meditation session. It is your process and YOU will define the speed. My role is to provide you that space of growth and well-being.

Do I need a concrete goal before I start with Coaching?

No. If you feel the need to change something in your life, but you don’t know how to start, it will be enough. Usually, our thoughts recurrently focus on the same things. Mindful Life-Coaching helps you to stop the cycle of thoughts and to change your point of view. You will see that the right answers are already within yourself even if you are not conscious about them right now. 

What happens once the 8-weeks Coaching is finished?

After the 8 weeks, you will feel motivated and energized to keep putting effort to achieve your mission. You’ll explore in our last session what kind of support you’ll need for that process. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly follow-up sessions are offered to make sure you’ll succeed. 

Do I have to pay the Coaching-Package at once or can I divide the payment?

Of course, you also have the choice to pay the Coaching-Package at two rates.

Are there possibilities to get a discount if I don’t have enough money to join the coaching?

Feel free to contact me. In an initial call, we can clarify what you need and how I can support you in your situation. I am sure we’ll find the solution, we both feel good about it.

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