About me

I am here to inspire everyone to live the life they deserve!

Felix George Yoga Meditation Achtsamkeit

Hello! I’m Felix

Certified Life-Coach and Yoga Teacher

As a Life-Coach I love to guide humans on their way towoards a fulfilled life. To the life each of us deserve – a happy life! After certain years in science and teaching enviroments, I decided to change the point of view. After quitting the job as a teacher, I opend the first Yoga-Café in my town. A yoga studio and vegan Café, dedicated to create a mindfulness oase in the city center. Due to the special year 2020 I was forced to change my point of view again and started a Life-Coach training with Becky Center. A life changing experience with deep and transformational insights that led to a clear goal and vision for my business. And here he is – a Mindful Life-Coach that provides you guidance in challanging times. My common methods are visualization, meditation, contemplative listening as well as supportive yoga. I am curious to meet you, wether online nor in person.

My Approach & Values

As Mindful Life-Coach my work is based on the core-values Self-Love, Respect, Blossoming and Mindfulness.

I am convinced that every human deserves to be treated respectful and with love, most importantly by themselves. Therefore, cultivating Self-Love and Mindfulness in their lifes, is the key approach within my professional practice. With these basics, I am here to inspire people to allow them to blossom as the personality they really are. No more judgement, no more (self)-bullying, nor limiting beliefs should hold back anyone.

With Mindful Life-Coaching I provide a method to grow and to discover your real values and purpose in life. You will lift yourself up to a new personality level – if not, I will pay you all the money back. I promise!

My Personal Experiences

  • more than 10 Years Mindfulness Practice in My daily Life
  • several Years of participating in Coachings with Queer Context
  • working in Scientific and Educational Fields (Toxicologist & Science-Teacher)
  • owning a vegan Yoga-Café with integrated Yoga-Studio
  • several Years of leading Classes of Dancing and Yoga
  • working with Clients all around the World – my Coaching Languages are German and English

My Education

  • Dancing Teacher during my active Career
  • Educational Training for Vocational Schools
  • Yoga Teacher Training @ YogaRenew
  • Life-Coaching Training Certification @ Yoga&Life-Coaching

I dedicate my Work to Individuals, People in Business Context as well as for the LGBTQIA*-Community

Mindful Life Coaching

Mindful Life-Coaching

Individual 8-weeks Life-Coaching Package to identify your core values and your vision to live the life you really deserve!


Support for Queer Men

You are struggling with your coming out or your identity? Wanna find your place within the community – but how?

job orientation

Job Orientation

Are you working in the job you love and still not satisfied? Or are you looking for a new challenge in your professional life?

"Ich möchte den Input nicht missen und schätze den Austausch, der mir persönliche Entwicklung bringt und in verschiedenen Lebensphasen sehr bereichernd sein kann. Man findet zurück auf seinen eigentlichen Weg oder wagt den Blick in den Rückspiegel und lernt sich selbst durch diese Erkenntnisse besser kennen. Danke dafür!"

Julia K. – Explored her Values

"Ich habe jederzeit das Gefühl, dass Felix mir sehr aufmerksam und verständnisvoll zuhört. Felix schafft es mit seiner Fragetechnik und indem er zwischendurch mein Gesagtes kurz zusammenfasst, mich - auch wenn sich in meinem Kopf vorher alles total verknotet angefühlt hat - zu einer guten Lösung und neuen Sichtweise für mich gelangen zu lassen. "

Julia B. – Job Orientation

"Deine Anleitung durch die Meditation ist sehr ansprechend, deine Stimme angenehm beruhigend und die Themen/Anregungen/Beispiele sind sehr inspirierend. Vielen Dank dafür!"

Manuela K. – joined a Cacao-Meditation

My Expertise


Mindful Life-Coaching

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Life-Coaching is based on listening and reflection. As a mindful coach I guide you through your own process to clearify what you really want in life. In combination with meditation and yoga you can deepen your experiences as well as support your body and mind to stay healthy.


Yoga & Meditation

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Yoga and Meditation are the basics of my Minfulness practice. Yoga is more than practicing fancy asanas. It is a physical and mental practice to increase flexibility – for both, body AND mind. Meditation is as imortant as the physical aspect, helping you to focus on the current moment and to calm down your mind. With more than 10 years of experience in Meditation I can teach you certain excercices to easily integrate Meditation into your daily life.


LGBTQIA* - Support

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As a queer man I support the needs and rights of the LGBTGIA*-Commuity. For me it is important that everybody has their safe-space to live their full potential. Wether it is a supporting community or the personal enviroment – everyone deserve to live their life in the way they want. Without discrimination, mobbing, violence or even worse things. I am here to support all members of the queer commuity with at least a space to share as well as providing further help.


Coming Out at Any Age

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Officially I came out relatively late with 31. Before I lived in a hetero-normative relationship with defining myself as bisexual. Due to my history I know a lot about inner struggles, fears and doubts about beeing queer (gay, bisexual, pan sexual etc.). I am grateful for the support a had during the years, that’s why I also want to provide help to queer people. Therefore I created a special offer to support you before, during and after the coming out – at any age. Don’t hesitate to contact me, also anonymous.


Job Orientation

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I am convinced that everyone deserves to work with joy and ease in a fulfilling job. But I also know that society beliefs often hold people back to really life their dreams. You can relate to this? Job orientation can be fun and with the Mindful Life-Coaching I provide you the opportunity to find what you really wish to do in life. Let’s find the job you really deserve together.


Setting effective Job Goals

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Even if you work in the job you really love, sometimes it could happen to feel stuck. What is the next step? How can I level up my position? How can I use my skills evectively in my job? How to balance my personal life and my professional life? Questions that arise often due to missing goals. With Mindful Life-Coaching I help you to set effective goals to experience fulfilment in your daily professional life. How does it sound to you?

Contact Me

If you want to know more about my services, other services, e.g. for your company, or about a cooporation, feel free to contcat me by e-mail. I will reach out to you as soon as possible to get in contact with you.

felix [at] felixgeorge.de