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Find your Dream Job by identifying what really matters to YOU

What if you will no more struggle with your Work-Life-Balance?

Why separating Work from Life?

There is a common belief in society, that life and work are separated from each other. That is why we speak about the Work-Life-Balance.

But why? Are you a different person at work? If yes, how does it feel to you? Does it feel aligned with what YOU really want in life?

A lot of people are unsatisfied with their jobs and struggle every day to go to work. This leads to burnout syndrome, less motivation, and less time for joy in your life.

Integrate Work in Life

How would you feel having a job that feels naturally and fully aligned with your identity?

You spend at least one-third of your daily life at work or with activities related to your work. This is around half of your time awake.

Imagine integrating your work into your life by doing your work with passion. It doesn’t suck out all your energy anymore – it lifts your energy and you feel that the things you do are valuable.

Reasons why YOU might feel unsatisfied and disconnecetd with your Job:


Missing Purpose

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Why are you doing your job? If you can’t answer this simple question in a short sentence, you might miss a purpose in your professional work. And if your purpose is “just earning money”, you also can ask yourself the question “Does this feel fulfilled?”.

The purpose is the basic foundation for being motivated to do your job. This doesn’t mean that every day is a fun day at work. But even in stressful times or challenging projects you always can come back to answer your personal WHY. And this might help you to stay motivated, energized, and fulfilled.

With Mindful Life-Coaching I can help you to re-define your purpose in life as well as in your job, to support you to live a fulfilled and joyful life, even in your job.


Toxic Environment

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Everywhere in our lives, we build relationships – in our family, with our partner, with our friends, with neighbors as well as with our colleagues and bosses. A relationship should be based on open communication, listening, the balance of power, and honesty.

In professional relationships, like at work, the balance of power might be biased. Also, jealousy and striving for power can toxify relationships with colleagues and bosses.

Toxic relationships are characterized by imbalance, passive or active aggression, or even worse. These toxic relationships are exhausting and can cause mental health struggles.

With Mindful Life-Coaching you discover what really matters to you and what you really want in your job, your environment, and your relationships. 


Weak Leadership

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If you are employed you might experience different kinds of leaders in your professional environment. Leading doesn’t necessarily mean being bossy or inaccessible. A leader also has to take care of their team members.

Modern companies for example see the leader in very plain hierarchies or defining themselves as self-leading, which means to have structures where the whole team organizes themselves without a specific leader.

If you work in an environment with weak leadership you might feel not well supported or left alone with your needs. Finally, this can cause a lack of motivation and questioning yourself why you still do this work.

With Mindful Life-Coaching you can discover your needs and strengthen your abilities to communicate your desires. With this tool, you will improve your self-confidence to live a fulfilled life, even at work.


Missing powerful Goals

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Setting goals is a common procedure in most companies. Goals help you to have a clear direction working towards as well as providing you a purpose for the daily work you are doing.

Meaning, measurability as well as intrinsic motivation, a clear timeframe, and achievability are important factors to make goals powerful.

Mindful Life-Coaching helps you to define what really matters to you. Based on that insight you will be able to define your mission and set strong and powerful goals. 


Feeling Underwhelmed

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One of the biggest causes of mental health issues in modern society is stress caused by overworking. But also the opposite can cause a lack of satisfaction, less motivation as well as low energy.

Feeling underwhelmed in your job may cause questioning of your self-value as well as your confidence. Knowing what really matters for you and what you need is a first step to change your underwhelmed situation.

Mindful Life-Coaching supports you by defining your values, identifying your identity, and your purpose. Powerful tools to give you the power to take back control over your situation at your working place.


Missing Passion

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Passion is one of the big drivers for staying motivated and energized for a project or a job. If you once lost it, it might be challenging to find it back again.

Mindful Life-Coaching is a tool to help you to remember what you are burning for. Identify your purpose and create your mission out of this and you will find back your passion.

About Mindful Life-Coaching

I’ve created Mindful Life-Coaching to support people being fulfilled with their jobs again. Whether it is with your wish for a promotion, the wish to change the job, or your general job situation that makes you unhappy right now, Mindful Life-Coaching helps you re-organize and restructure your thoughts and feelings to become clearer again. Remove the fog and recalibrate your compass to find your direction in life and your job again.

After the free Get-to-Know-Session, our first session is for you to share your current situation, your struggles, your thoughts as well as your feelings and doubts. Based on your needs, I’ll guide you to set an intention for the upcoming weeks with a clear commitment to yourself.

The following sessions are dedicated to exploring your values, identity, purpose as well as finding your vision and setting your mission. With these powerful tools and insights, you will be ready for your new path. In our last session, you will have time to reflect back on the whole journey and to discover what kind of support you need to fulfill your mission.

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Felix George Yoga Meditation Achtsamkeit

Hello! I'm Felix

Certified Life-Coach and Yoga Teacher

As a Life-Coach, I love to guide humans on their way towards a fulfilled life. To the life, each of us deserves - a happy life! After certain years in science and teaching environments, I decided to change the point of view. After quitting the job as a teacher, I opened the first Yoga-Café in my town. A yoga studio and vegan Café, dedicated to creating a mindfulness oasis in the city center. Due to the special year 2020, I was forced to change my point of view again and started a Life-Coach training with Becky Center. A life-changing experience with deep and transformational insights that led to a clear goal and vision for my business. And here he is - a Mindful Life-Coach that provides you guidance in challenging times. My common methods are visualization, meditation, contemplative listening as well as supportive yoga. I am curious to meet you, whether online nor in person.

"Ich möchte den Input nicht missen und schätze den Austausch, der mir persönliche Entwicklung bringt und in verschiedenen Lebensphasen sehr bereichernd sein kann. Man findet zurück auf seinen eigentlichen Weg oder wagt den Blick in den Rückspiegel und lernt sich selbst durch diese Erkenntnisse besser kennen. Danke dafür!"

Julia K. – Explored her Values

"Ich habe jederzeit das Gefühl, dass Felix mir sehr aufmerksam und verständnisvoll zuhört. Felix schafft es mit seiner Fragetechnik und indem er zwischendurch mein Gesagtes kurz zusammenfasst, mich - auch wenn sich in meinem Kopf vorher alles total verknotet angefühlt hat - zu einer guten Lösung und neuen Sichtweise für mich gelangen zu lassen. "

Julia B. – Job Orientation

"Deine Anleitung durch die Meditation ist sehr ansprechend, deine Stimme angenehm beruhigend und die Themen/Anregungen/Beispiele sind sehr inspirierend. Vielen Dank dafür!"

Manuela K. – joined a Cacao-Meditation

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I feel overwhelmed or unhappy with the process of Coaching?

Transparent communication is the basis of our client-coach relationship. If you feel overwhelmed or unhappy with the process there is always the possibility to slow down and reflect on what’s going on right now. Maybe you need more time to integrate things into your mind and life – fair enough. You have always the chance to ask for a reflection, calming yoga, or meditation session. It is your process and YOU will define the speed. My role is to provide you that space of growth and well-being.

Are there possibilities to get a discount if I don’t have enough money to join the coaching?

Feel free to contact me. In an initial call, we can clarify what you need and how I can support you in your situation. I am sure we’ll find the solution, we both feel good about it.

Do I need a concrete goal before I start with Coaching?

No. If you feel the need to change something in your life, but you don’t know how to start, it will be enough. Usually, our thoughts recurrently focus on the same things. Mindful Life-Coaching helps you to stop the cycle of thoughts and to change your point of view. You will see that the right answers are already within yourself even if you are not conscious about them right now. 

What happens once the Coaching is finished?

After our coaching, you will feel motivated and energized to keep putting effort to achieve your mission. You’ll explore in our last session what kind of support you’ll need for that process. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly follow-up sessions are offered to make sure you’ll succeed.

Do I have to pay the Coaching-Package at once or can I divide the payment?

Of course, you also have the choice to pay the Coaching-Package at two rates.

Contact Me

If you want to know more about my services, other services, e.g. for your company, or about a cooporation, feel free to contcat me by e-mail. I will reach out to you as soon as possible to get in contact with you.

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