Be Queer and Love your Life

Coaching for queer Men

What if YOU can accept yourself and live a fulfilled life as a queer man?

Mindful Life Coaching

Accepting Yourself

First of all – YOU are absolutely right the way you are!

Society’s rules and beliefs – patterns you may have learned during your life are holding you back right now? Do you struggle with accepting yourself?

Being a queer man is sometimes challenging. I support you on your way to live a fulfilled and joyful life as a queer man!


Like-Minded Community

You might feel excluded or not accepted?

You might be scared of being discriminated, or insulted by your environment?

To overcome these fears and struggles, I help you to become part of a community of like-minded and supportive people. Without prejudices, judgment, or exclusion.

What can I do to support you?


Accept your Sexuality

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Clischees, prejudices, and many other misbeliefs about homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality are often the reason why queer people cultivate internalized queerphobia. Accepting yourself is hard if you believe being queer is “not normal”.

Sexual identities are as diverse as people are. Each shade of sexuality is normal and no one deserves to be judged because of that.

If you struggle with accepting your sexuality, I can help you to explore the strength within and to live the fulfilled life you deserve.


Find your Identity

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To accept yourself it is necessary to find your own identity. Your identity is the essence of your inner characters, your inner drivers that support you to be who you are.

It doesn’t matter if you are silent, familiar, and introvert, or if you are loud, sparkling, and extroverted, or something in between. You deserve to live and to love your identity and you deserve to show all of you to the world – without being ashamed of expressing yourself.

I support you by exploring your truth within – your identity.


Sexual Education

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There are a lot of prejudices about queer sexuality. Even in school we just learn the basics, and especially the hetero-normative basics.

Living as a queer man and having an active sex life is wonderful, and having knowledge about sexual preferences, varieties as well as sexual health is even better. Speaking about sex and your preferences helps you to explore your desires – without shame or judgment.

I provide you a safe space to speak about your desires and to find your way to live a fulfilled and healthy queer sexual life.


Find Connection

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No one deserves to be excluded just because of their sexuality, gender expression, or anything else. Having like-minded people around is most important to allow yourself to grow and to show who you really are.

My purpose is to bring people together, in local spots as well as online. You can be part of a like-minded community of queer men to share your thoughts, feelings, or just to ask questions. You choose if you wanna connect in person or online.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon!


Express Yourself

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Being queer is often prejudiced. In media and movies, gay men are shown as loud and sparkly, feminine guys with only female friends. Sexuality is not necessarily related to your expression and behavior, but fear of discrimination or judgment by others might hold you back to show you to the world as you are.

Keep in mind, that behavior is neither female nor male. Also clothes, interests, food, beverages, shoes, cars, or whatever is never female, or male – they are things and everyone is allowed to use or wear them if they like. 

I support you with finding out what really matters to you and how you wanna show yourself to the world.


Resist Toxic Masculinity

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What does “being masculine” mean to YOU? Society’s conception of being a man changed in the past couple of years. Nevertheless, in some areas of your daily life, you might experience toxic masculinity.

Actually that means to resist the weak, often associated with a feminine expression. The result is exaggerated masculinity – ancient role models, showing off, aggression, and especially the rejection of queerness.

To resist these toxic behaviors it is helpful to be fine and clear with your own expression, especially how you define yourself as a (queer) man. I help you find out what matters to you and to allow yourself to be the (queer) man YOU wanna be.

Felix George Yoga Meditation Achtsamkeit

Who is meant by saying, Queer Men?

QUEER is nowadays positively connotated. It is used by the LGBTQIA*-Community itself to separate themselves from the heteronormative gender norm.

QUEER is characterized by being a fluid definition for all kinds of gender expressions and sexual identities. Using the expression QUEER MEN includes a variety of people who define themselves as men, e.g gay men, transsexual men, asexual men, genderfluid persons, pansexual men, as well as intersexual and bisexual men.


Felix George Achtsamkeit Yoga Meditation

Hello! I’m Felix…

… a Proud Queer Man

I am in the middle of my thirties and very proud to be a queer man! A long journey of doubts and hiding lays behind me. Accepting myself was often not easy. Allowing myself to express my inner Freddie – the one that shows me to the world – needed some years.

Now I am out and proud. I live my life with joy and allow myself to be the special MAN I am.

During my journey, I had lovely and powerful support and this is what I wanna be for other men too. No man needs to fight these struggles alone or to feel bad about his sexual identity. This is what I am here for – to support YOU!

Mindful Life-Coaching for a fulfilled queer Life

Mindful Life-Coaching is a helpful tool to build a deep connection with yourself. It is about asking deepening questions and listen to the answers within yourself. Mindful reflection and listening is the key aspect of this method.

Living a fulfilled queer life sometimes can be hard, because of inquired beliefs or resistance against being queer. Mindful Life-Coaching helps you to identify these patterns and to redefine them into powerful and supporting tools to create the life you deserve.

Coming out or questioning the current life situation, might be challenging and is a very sensitive area of life. Having a safe space and someone who listens deeply without prejudices is highly recommended.

Mindful Life-Coaching with me provides you exactly what YOU need in that situation. Feeling heard and recognizing that I am not alone with my doubts, fears, pain, or even prejudices was very helpful on my own journey. That is why I offer the same to you in each coaching session.

Each process of coming out or accepting yourself is as different as people are, so is yours. In a first free session, we get to know each other and I invite you to share your current situation. Based on that, we will create a plan on how to keep on working together and how I can support YOU the best.

Getting Started is Easy

Free Get-To-Know Call

Time to get to know each other as well as a safe space for you to share your current situation.

Creating a Plan

We create a powerful coaching plan based on your individual needs, current life situation, and resources. 

job orientation

1st Session!

Your transformational journey into a fulfilled and joyful queer life is ready to begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not out as a queer man right now and I even don’t know if I want to be soon. Does it make sense to join your Mindful Life-Coaching?

Definitely yes! it seems like you already started to think about your current situation and might identify some issues you are not happy with right now. Mindful Life-Coaching is not primarily meant to prepare your coming-out. It is a tool to help YOU to find out what really matters in your life and to find a way to live a fulfilled and joyful way of living.

The coming-out is a process some people feel better with, others never had one and nevertheless living a happy queer life. You know best what’s the right path for you. Mindful Life-Coaching helps you to get clear about that path.

Does Coaching replace Therapy?

No. Coaching is oriented to evaluate the current situation of the client and to provide guidance for future steps. While therapy is to look back in the client’s life and to heal scars, coaching is meant to be a supportive and motivating tool for changing things in life.

Coaching can be a very helpful tool to support your therapy. Therefore, it is important to consult your current therapist and ask them if this is recommended for your situation.

What if I feel overwhelmed or unhappy with the process of Coaching?

Transparent communication is the basis of our client-coach relationship. If you feel overwhelmed or unhappy with the process there is always the possibility to slow down and reflect on what’s going on right now. Maybe you need more time to integrate things into your mind and life – fair enough. You have always the chance to ask for a reflection, calming yoga, or meditation session. It is your process and YOU will define the speed. My role is to provide you that space of growth and well-being.

Do I need a concrete goal before I start with Coaching?

No. If you feel the need to change something in your life, but you don’t know how to start, it will be enough. Usually, our thoughts recurrently focus on the same things. Mindful Life-Coaching helps you to stop the cycle of thoughts and to change your point of view. You will see that the right answers are already within yourself even if you are not conscious about them right now. 

How long will the whole coaching process last?

There is no clear number to mention about the duration. Mindful Life-Coaching is an individual process based on your inner (and outer) resources. It depends also on your goals and progress during the coaching.

I recommend an initial 2 months weekly coaching plan, to create a foundation and to find out what is important for you. Finding out your values, identity, purpose as well as your vision of a fulfilled life. After this, it depends on your goals and progress how to keep on working. Usually, clients love to be accompanied for an additional 3 to 6 months bi-weekly or monthly coaching to track their progress and to have someone (professional) in life who supports and listens to them.

Do I have to pay at once or can I divide the payment?

Don’t hesitate to ask me in our first call about the payment. Depending on your financial resources I can offer you an individual payment plan.

Are there possibilities to get a discount if I don’t have enough money to join the coaching?

Feel free to contact me. In an initial call, we can clarify what you need and how I can support you in your situation. I am sure we’ll find the solution, we both feel good about it.

Contact Me

If you want to know more about my services, other services, e.g. for your company, or about a cooporation, feel free to contcat me by e-mail. I will reach out to you as soon as possible to get in contact with you.

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